Woven Aluminum Night Covers And Shields

Woven aluminum night covers and shields support energy savings. These custom case parts are designed to be secured over open refrigeration display cases. Learn how covers and shields will preserve the freshness of products and protect groceries that you classify as 'restricted' sales items.

Woven Products

Supermarket appliances feature a forced air or gravity coil cooling system. A forced air system contains fans that circulate air within a unit. A gravity cooling system contains a cooling coil that is located at the top of an appliance. The cooled air that is emitted through the coil is dispersed throughout a refrigeration case.

Woven covers and shields are constructed of a high-grade aluminum material that will withstand mildew and corrosion. Woven products will preserve cool air within an appliance that uses either type of cooling system.

Due to the use of covers and shields, products maintain their freshness. Covers and shields will maintain the freshness of all types of perishable food and drink products, including cold cuts, salads, milk, vegetables, and fruits.

Appliance Sales

If you will be investing in new refrigeration units, the use of woven aluminum covers and shields could benefit you. First, visit a commercial sales center that features a line of commercial refrigeration units. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to inspect each model that is on display.

An upright refrigeration unit will contain open shelving along the front of the appliance. A horizontal refrigeration unit will contain several open storage spaces that will face upward towards the ceiling.

Take measurements of the appliances that you would like to invest in. Use these measurements to guide you in ordering covers and shields that are adequately equipped to fit the appliances.

Custom Covers And Shields

A cover or shield will contain a flexible design that will conform to the shape of a refrigeration unit. An aluminum barrier will block heat from entering a refrigeration unit. The exterior side of a cover or shield is shiny. The shiny surface will deflect heat.

After the new appliances that you have purchased have been set up within your retail setting, order covers, and shields. The aluminum products that you invest in can be used nightly. They can also be used during power outages or when you would like to restrict some products. A cover, for instance, could prevent your customers from having access to alcohol on days when it cannot be legally sold.

For more information on supermarket case parts, contact a professional near you.