Things To Think About When Choosing A New Washer And Dryer

Buying new appliances, such as a washer and dryer, is challenging. Modern appliances have more useful features than older models, but that also makes them more expensive. You have to find a balance between the features you really want, your budget, and the space in your laundry room. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a new washer and dryer at an appliance store.

A High-Efficiency Washer

A big decision to make is if you want a high-efficiency washing machine. These use less water so they save on energy costs. They are also more effective at spin-drying so you save on dryer operating costs too. However, high-efficiency washers are more expensive to buy.

High-efficiency washers don't have an agitator in the drum that holds clothes. Because of that, they wash bigger loads. It may be worth the extra cost if you have a big family and do a lot of laundry since you can do fewer loads.

A Dryer That Shuts Off Automatically

There are two basic types of dryers. One operates on a timer and shuts off when the time expires, and the other senses moisture or heat and turns off when the clothes get dry. An automatic dryer is more convenient since you don't have to keep adding more time if your clothes aren't dry, and you won't have to worry about drying clothes longer than needed. A dryer with automatic shut-off controls saves money and would be a good match for a high-efficiency washer when conserving energy is one of your goals.

Smart Technology

A budget washer and dryer will get your clothes clean, so it isn't necessary to buy appliances that utilize the latest technology, However, it can be fun and more convenient to get a washer and dryer with all the latest features, including smart technology. A smart washer can be set to start at a time that's best for you, and it can dispense the best amount of detergent and water based on the size of a load.

You can monitor the progress of both the washer and dryer on your tablet or smartphone so you can get your clothes out of the appliance before they have time to wrinkle.

Your Comfort Level

You may not even think about how well a washer will fit compared to your height, but it could be an important consideration. Some top loaders are so tall that it's difficult to reach the bottom if you're short or use a wheelchair.

A front loader can be difficult to access too if you have problems stooping down or bending over. When you visit the appliance store, reach inside different washers to find one that's a good match for you. Contact an appliance store for more information.