Tips For Purchasing Replacement Doors For A Commercial Refrigerator

The doors on your commercial refrigerators have to be in good condition not only to get food in and out but to create a tight seal. If your doors aren't able to do these things and repairs are out of the equation, consider replacing them. You'll find all kinds of replacement doors for commercial refrigerators, which you can properly assess using a couple of tips.

Make Sure Construction is Heavy-Duty

The doors on your commercial refrigerator will be exposed to a lot of actions, as you have to open and close them a lot probably throughout the day. It's paramount that they can take this use, and they will if they're constructed with heavy-duty materials.

For example, if you opted for steel replacement doors for your commercial refrigerators, you'll have no worries about their ability to last despite how frequently they're used. Steel doors for commercial refrigerators won't damage despite even the strenuous of applications

Select a Finish

A lot of commercial refrigerator door manufacturers will offer a couple of different finishes, and you should take some time to assess them when looking for these replacement components. A finish can make your commercial refrigerator doors look a certain way, as well as protect materials from things like rust.

Some you might see manufacturers offer include embossed white, stucco, and smooth stainless steel. These finishes have unique properties that you'll want to review so that you end up with a finish that makes your replacement doors an even better investment.

Provide Refrigerator Specifications

Commercial refrigerator doors range in size and shape. In order to get these attributes just right and to have a fairly simple install and great door performance later, you need to provide relevant refrigerator specifications to the manufacturer that is making or supplies refrigerator doors.

Tell them what refrigerator model you have and potentially the specs of the current doors that need to be swapped out. You'll then have a lot more success finding replacement doors that are suitable for your restaurant or grocery store's commercial refrigerators.

If you rely on commercial refrigerators year after year, their doors can go through abuse and subsequently damage. If it's to the point where replacing them is the only thing left to do, make sure you find a set or single refrigerator door that you know is appropriate for your refrigerators. Then you can have a straightforward installation to look forward to. 

For more information about refrigerator doors or other case parts, contact a local supplier.