Barbecue Equipment: 3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Barbecue Grill

Barbecue grills come in all sorts of shapes and forms. As a result, you should consider the features and amenities a barbeque grill provides before buying it. Thus, if you plan to buy a BBQ grill, here are three factors you should consider. 

1. Type of Fuel Used  

Different types of BBQ grills use different types of fuel. The most common fuel used includes propane, gas, or charcoal. But you should note that BBQ grills designed to use charcoal are more affordable than gas grills. However, using a charcoal grill tends to be more expensive than using a gas grill in the long run. For instance, refilling a 20-pound propane gas tank will cost about $14-$20. Yet, the 20-pound propane gas tank can serve you for about 25 cookouts before it runs out. On the other hand, 20 pounds of charcoal will cost you about $10. But the 20 pounds of charcoal will only last you for about three cookouts. 

Hence, despite a charcoal BBQ grill costing less than a propane gas grill, it is not as energy efficient as the latter. As a result, charcoal grills use more fuel per cookout than propane grills. So, if you want to save money on the buying costs, a charcoal grill is the cheapest option. But if you want to save money on fuel costs, a propane grill is better than a charcoal grill.

2. Style of Cooking 

The type of grill you use also affects your style of cooking. Some people prefer to grill their meat with direct heat, while others prefer to grill with indirect heat and sometimes both. 

If you like to grill with direct heat, you should buy a BBQ grill with a stainless-steel flame tamer on the grill's burner. The purpose of the flame tamer is to regulate the flame distribution and prevent flare-ups that might char your meat. 

But if you prefer grilling with indirect heat, you should buy a BBQ grill with a briquette system. A briquette is a flat, stainless-steel plate that absorbs and radiates heat evenly. Hence, your meat doesn't come into contact with a direct flame. 

3. Flavor Preference

Some people like to have a smoked flavor on their grilled meat. However, the only BBQ grills that can provide a smoked flavor are charcoal or pellet grills. Gas grills do not produce smoke; hence they can't provide a smoked flavor to your meat. However, some gas grills come with a charcoal or pellet tray that enables you to grill with gas and get the desired smoke flavor. 

A charcoal/pellet grill provides a deeper smoke flavor than a gas and charcoal combo grill. Hence, opt for a charcoal or pellet grill if you want a deep-smoke flavor. But if you prefer to grill with gas and still get a smoked flavor on your meat, opt for a gas BBQ grill with a charcoal or pellet tray. 

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